Welcome to Haven of Silindor, a doll site run by three crazy friends, Lithriel, Galadnilien, and Megilhirile. Here you will find dolls, bases, web site templates, doll links, and other useful resources. So browse around and enjoy your stay!

News and Updates

  • 7/09/09 I decided to do a nice big fat update. I FINALLY got our e-mail working again so if you asked us something feel free to ask again. I have put up all of my recent portrait bases up and all of my recent sith entires in a new section called fandom. I also just painstakingly updated the links section and weeded out old websites that don't work anymore.

    It's truly sad to see some of my favorite sites that sparked my interest in dolling close their doors for good. Farewell Grim's Dolls, Xandorra's Palace, Room4Squqares, and Solace's Meadow. You will be sorely miseed. :'(
  • 6/20/09 Lithriel got another DD, and she's done a new dollie! We are working on EPIC and have a tentative opening date for the end of July, so stay tuned! ;)
  • 5/3/09 The fae base has been updated, as well as one of our portrait bases. Lithriel has entered her MDS round two entry, and we are currently working on our EPIC forum!
  • 4/21/09 In a surprising twist, we are creating a new forum! Please give us your input and thoughts! Scroll down to see our latest work.

Recent Additions

Base by Silindor Silindor Base

SOTM May 2009

SOTM Award We're pleased to announce that Sharona's Dolls is our May 2009 Site of the Month! She's got an excellent eye for pixeling and knows how to doll in style! Check her out if you get the chance!